Below you may find some examples of my freelance work. If you have any questions, drop me a line. I would be happy to tell you more.

Also, I am available for hire. I have published my rates for everybody to see. I would love to hear, how I may help you.

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  • Planio - Creating an Android and iOS App

    Planio offers a web-based project management solution based on the open source software Redmine. Planio just updated their service to support small screens. They wanted to add mobile apps for Android and iOS to their offering to make it easier for users to use their service on smart phones and tablets. Since I am an experienced Redmine developer and since I had created Cordova based apps before, they asked me for help. At the end of the project, we’ve released apps to iTunes and Google Play, supporting push notifications, file downloads and basic sharing functionality.

  • Crewmeister - Building a MVP with Rails and Backbone

    Crewmeister is a software-as-a-service enterprise, dedicated to help small and medium sized companies manage all the necessary paper, that comes with having employees. When Crewmeister was founded in 2014, they were looking for a senior developer who could help kickstart their platform. Together we build the first two products, time tracking and vacation planning, that would become part of the Crewmeister tool set. Furthermore we launched a cross-platform mobile app. About 6 months after my first day they got their first paying customer.

  • Smava - Coaching and Consulting JavaScript

    Smava offers a peer-to-peer lending service as well as a comparison of traditional bank credit offers. I helped smava kickstart the reimplementation of their signup funnel. Since new clients need to enter a lot of data, they wanted to create a client-side, multi-step sign up wizard. I was training the team on current JavaScript techniques and frameworks, consulting on the overall design of the software, as well as helping with the implementation.