After some time, I continued to work on my latest Camping project. But unfortunately, I didn’t work as expected. The problem is easily spotted, static files were not delivered, the dynamics were just fine.

To cut it short: The solution is simple. There is a slight incompatibility concerning the X-Sendfile header between Camping and Mongrel v 1.1.3 (ref. 1). Until the problem is solved in v 1.1.4 you shall simply stick to the older Mongrel.

In order to get Camping to use it you need to change the camping executable. I recommend using the latest version of Camping from the Subversion repository. You may download it with a simple svn co camping. The change is in bin/camping around line 88:

  gem 'mongrel', "<1.1.3"
  require 'mongrel'
  require 'mongrel/camping'

A simple rake gem and sudo gem install pkg/camping-1.8.gem will install the changes to your system.

Happy Camping, again.