I’m starting my own business so I should have my own website again.

Hello, World!

After abandoning schmidtwisser.de and nach-vorne.de, this will be my third attempt to regularly fill a blog. The old nach-vorne.eu posts, which covered a lot of ruby topics and accompanied the writing of my master’s thesis, will be imported here, so that they are still available. The old URLs will be redirected to the new ones. The contents of schmidtwisser.de will be deleted. They are mainly gibberish anyway.

What it’s all about

Well, it will be fueled by my daily work, so expect it to be technical, mostly ruby and web related. It will probably also touch operations and perhaps also links to other pages, I find interesting.

No comment

This blog will not have comments. Not that I’m not interested in conversations, but a) they seldom happened on my previous blogs and b) comments are hard to implement. So if you want to talk about something I’ve written, consider contacting me via any other media - mail, twitter or what not.